Friday, June 6, 2008

Thing 5

Round two, yea!
Thank you for repeating Web 2.0 tools. As you can see, I didn't get very far the first time around. I really have that time management thing going on. Maybe that is why I was asked if I would like to attend a Time Management Workshop at the Fond du Lac Community College on June 27th. And...Yes...I am definitely going.

I've been working on getting more familiar with Flickr, even signed up for a pro account. Having a place to store my pictures, (although I haven't even come close to uploading all of them) and now videos, excites me. I've mapped a couple locations in Florida that we visited in Jan. What a great way to learn geography and personalize it at the same time. I think this will interest my grandchildren.

So I've been getting ahead of myself and experimenting with the thousands of tools out there and not keeping up with my blog, but I will work on that too!


Linda said...

Hate to mess with your time management, but checked out your avatar and found nothing new there. It was a disappointment, but maybe the spaceship aliens have wisked you away?

LuLu's 23 said...

Ha...You definitely do know me! I tried to change my avatar but had to dig for one of my hundreds of passwords and just didn't want to go there that day. Spaceship abduction?? that would be a nice break from this rainy weather.